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LinkedIn have announced a really nice tool for all you people out there who struggle to create your own cv.
The new feature called“LinkedIn: meet the resume” allows you to create a cv or resume effortlessly.

How? Well it pulls all the valuable data from your LinkedIn Profile. So beware if your LinkedIn profile is incomplete….your cv will no doubt look a bit bare.
Still interested? Well here is what to do:
Login to your LinkedIn account and go to
Follow these three steps:
1. Pick a template - Pick a cv/resume template that best suits you.
2. Edit your content -  Your cv/resume content is automatically fetched from your LinkedIn profile, so you can customize it as much as you want. You can also pick which sections (summary, specialties, experience, education, etc) to include and in what order.
3. Share – Export your cv/resume as a PDF and print it any time. Also, each resume gets a custom link that you can share with others via email, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
Job Seekers Poll

Since January I have been conducting a job seekers poll, asking them what they really would like to get from a career advice expert. I conducted my poll through LinkedIn, Poll Daddy, Facebook , my own Blog and in person. The poll results are based on the views of 100 job seekers.

Here is what they were asked.

As a Job Seeker what assistance you would like to get from a Career Guidance expert?

  • Help with your cv or resume
  • Help with confidence and self belief
  • Advice on what type of job is suitable
  • Interview preparation and techniques
  • Networking and Proactive job seeking
  • Other – Please state
Only one answer could be selected.

The Results:

  1. Networking and Proactive job seeking  – 37%
  2. Advice on what type of job is suitable – 21%
  3. Help with confidence and self belief – 17%
  4. Help with your cv or resume – 10%
  5. Other – 9% (Help and advice on starting up a business 6%, Advice on education and up skilling – 3%)
  6. Interview preparation and techniques – 6%

So what do you make of the results?

I was surprised at how few respondents chose cv and interview help. After all that is the main focus of many Career Guidance companies.  Many job seekers I spoke to felt disarmed by the current economic market, they did not feel in control of their search and were frustrated awaiting feedback from companies and agencies. Most people I talked to had become very aware of the importance of networking, but genuinely had no idea of how to go about building a network.  They could see how networking could aid their job search, but the very thought of actually networking sent shivers down their spine!  On reflection “Networking and Proactive job seeking” may have been too broad a choice. Many respondents chose it because they physically did not know how to network, whilst others were thinking social media as the networking and proactive tool they wanted help with.

Many people have lost their jobs having worked in the “boom industries” of yesterday.  Job opportunities are “scarce” in certain industries for example construction and banking. Many job seekers are forced to change careers, but find themselves unsure what type of job is suitable for them. As one gentleman said to me during this study – “A cv is the least of my worries, I have no idea which direction to look in for a job”.

I was also very interested that 17% of respondents openly stated that “confidence and self belief” was what job seekers wanted from a Career Guidance expert the most.  This is something every one of us can help job seekers with.  We should all spend a bit of time spurring each other on and offering encouragement during these challenging times.  People I spoke to had received the exact opposite and been greeted with “doom and gloom” stories when talking to recruitment agencies and career guidance experts.  Now I am not suggesting we mislead job seekers with”pie in the sky” optimism, but that we offer support, hope and most of all listen.

One of the first things I ever learned when I studied marketing was “find out what the customer wants and then give it to them” - Valuable advice. So do Outplacement companies, Career Guidance counselors, recruitment consultants’ etc .really know what help job seekers want? Or do they just offer what they have always offered?

Maybe the time has come to change?

Landing your Ideal Job - Interview Preparation Tips -

 I have talked to a lot of Job seekers over the past month and I have been amazed at how poorly many of them have been preparing for their interviews. In the current climate it hard enough to get to interview stage for a position, so when we do we need to impress the socks off the interviewers! We need to go into the interview confident, positive and prepared. Here are some key points you should consider prior to interview.

Do you know where you are going and how to get there?
I would suggest that you go out to the company a day before the interview, so you know exactly how to get there. I used to walk into the reception area to get a feel of the organisation prior to the interview.

Do you know the names and titles of who you are meeting?
Have you where possible researched those individuals? Use the internet or even your personal network to get as much information on your interviewers.

Have you researched the company?
Again the internet is a super place for learning about an organisation. However in addition to that – Do you know of any working or that has worked in the Company that you could talk to prior to your interview.  You should know exactly what the company does, who their competitors are and what the company’s values are?

Do you fully understand the Job Description or do I have a detailed job description?
Always make sure you clarify any grey areas prior to interview. It will keep you from getting thrown at interview stage.

Did you write your CV?
Many people are getting their cv done up by Agencies or even CV services. Often the end result is that the CV is not written in your words and reads like a foreign document. So know your cv and make sure it represents you and not someone else.

Many interviews today are competency based interviews.
Practice answering competency based questions. Eg. Tell me a time you dealt with an awkward customer. Do “Mock” Interviews with friends or family prior to the interview and ask for constructive feedback.

I strongly believe good preparation will help quash nerves at interviews and ensure that you maximise your chances of excelling at your next interview. And who knows your next interview might be the last one you have to prepare for in a long time. Good Luck!!
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Sourcing Employment in a changing and challenging Marketplace

I have noticed that despite amazing experience and excellent qualifications many of my clients are going about their job search all wrong. Well that is my opinion anyway. The vast majority of people that I have been talking to are looking for employment using a reactive approach. Spending most of their efforts talking to Recruitment agencies and applying to jobs online. Everyone should look at agencies, on line job sites and newspapers as part of their job search. However one should use more proactive techniques also.

When I left school in 1990 I never contemplated a Recruitment agency as a way to get a job, in fact there were only a handful of agencies in Ireland at that stage. My first three jobs were all sourced through networking. Thinking back most of my friends found jobs through referrals mostly with a few finding roles through the newspaper adverts. The economy back in 1990 was far from great and the “Celtic Tiger” was not even on a fortune teller’s crystal ball at that stage. Maybe there is a lesson to learn here?

Then the boom times arrived and suddenly multinationals were basing their European headquarters in Ireland and were screaming for people to hire. Many Irish companies grew and excelled and so did their need for staff. The Recruitment industry boomed and by the year 2005 there were more than 350 agencies in Dublin alone. If you were a job seeker a trip to 2 or 3 agencies often led to 6 or 7 job offers. They did all the searching for us, sent our cvs onto companies, set up our interviews and even negotiated salaries for us. So when people find themselves in the job market in 2009 often the first place they look is Recruitment agencies. The tide has turned and being too reliant on agencies may not be the best approach to get back into the workforce. Today it is estimated that a mere 20% of all vacancies are being filled by Recruitment agencies and 80% of all job seekers are using agencies as part of their job search.

In other words if you are only looking at Recruitment agencies to find a job you are only looking at 20% of the market. And if that is not bad enough you are also competing for a position the majority job seekers out there.

So my advice is to be proactive about your job search. Source opportunities through networking and make speculative approaches to companies you would like to work for. Today, it is estimated that 50% of all jobs being filled out there are done through networking. Put yourself out there and get noticed.

For more information on sourcing opportunities call Greg Fry from Careers Coach on 087 2039855 or by email –
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Stop believing the press and start believing in yourself!!
18 months ago most of us were in secure jobs and had little if any work related worries. We expected our annual bonus and knew in the unlikely event of losing our job, we could just go out into the marketplace and get another position. Targets were the things we hit and the Commission or Bonuses we received funded our weekend breaks in Europe and we all believed we would get them. There is no doubt that the market has turned and we are living in more challenging times, but are we contributing to our own downfall?
As mentioned in my previous blog “Fear in the Marketplace” many of us are getting tangled up in Media’s negative interpretation of the Irish and world economies. When was the last time you entered a coffee shop or a pub and overheard a conversation about “how terrible the latest job losses in xxxx a Company are”? For me that was last night. Saying that, have you ever overheard a conversation in the same setting about the latest job opportunities in xxxx a company? As people we thrive on negative rather than positive news. We need to beware of this. So start talking about positives.
 Having talked to over 50 employees over the past 6 weeks, I have found one common trend:  people have lost their confidence and have moved from a mindset of I can to I can’t!  We need to be aware that if we believe we cannot achieve something we are certain of failure!  In this market I have found that by re assessing our goals and working towards achievements that are attainable we can still excel in this market. Don’t let your limiting belief systems hinder your happiness and achievements in this marketplace.
For further information on the article above, please contact Greg Fry on 087 2039855 or by email:
What are your thoughts on this blog?
I have found an alarming change in people’s attitudes over the last 12 months. 1 year ago most people’s main concerns were focused around salary increases, bonuses and where to go on their next European vacation. Now the very same people are engulfed in fear and uncertainty. They feed off the media’s negative outlook and have an oversized diet of doom and gloom!! There is no denying that the world is going through a challenging time at present, there are more job losses and less opportunities today than there were last year….But are things really as bad as we think they are? I met a doctor the other day who was spouting doom and gloom to me…telling me how worried he was about the economy and strongly believed it was having a negative impact on his life. The reality of the situation is that his business is up on 2008 and his costs have gone down. He has become self obsessed with what the media feeds him and has become depressed because of it! There are a lot of us that are less affected by the current economic climate than we think. For the people out there that really need help we should be assisting them with positive practical assistance and not feeding more negativity!!
What do you think?
Mary Kiely says:
April 2nd 2009
I couldn’t agree more. Theres a big difference between accepting reality and sinking into a countrywide depression. Its time we all got on with things and spent our time actively seeking out all the new opportunities out there instead of spending our time engaging in what is effectively a grieving process for “the boom”.
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