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1. Recruiting Great People:
Thanks to everyone who attended the ‘Getting your HR right’ session at the NCI.
As promised please find my presentation on Recruiting Great People. The slides maybe worth a look for job seeker’s too as you can get an insight into the steps employers take to find the right candidate.

2. FREE Facebook Event:
#LiveSMI with Greg Fry – Social Media and Recruitment

Head over to Social Media Ireland's Facebook page on March 31st at 8pm where I will be live answering all your social media queries about recruitment.

It was not the Fear that was holding me back, it was the fact that my life had
no direction, no shape…..No Structure!
From birth we are shaped into a routine and that never stops. Remember your childhood? School start s at 9am, finishes at 3.30pm, PE on a Wednesday, Dinner at 6, The park on a Sunday, bed by 8pm. Our routine changes somewhat as we grow up, but our reliance on it doesn’t. I remember my last job – I had to be out the door by 8.15pm to catch the 8.20am train. I methodically checked my emails first thing and finished my day off with sales calls (which I hated by the way). I knew where I stood.
So what is my point?

Well I realised that in order to get moving again…I needed to structure my day and I created a rigid routine (well not overly rigid).
So what did I do? 

4. Job Seekers - Do You Have the Ted Factor?:
By now I think most of us are familiar with the latest You Tube sensation that is “Ted Williams.” If you have managed to dodge this story to date here is a quick summary– Ted was a homeless “Wolverine” look alike who had been living on the streets of Columbus, Ohio for the last 10 years.

He is a recovering drug and alcohol addict and has recently found faith in God. He panhandled and held a sign stating that he had a “Golden Voice”. A video of him and his amazing voice went viral on You Tube and got over 10 million views. The result…..instant fame in the US and multiple job offers including a job offer with the Cleveland Cavaliers (Cleveland’s NBA Basketball Team) and even an offer to be the new voice of Kraft’s Macaroni and cheese.  What an amazing stroke of luck Ted had and what a wonderful positive story to kick start 2011 I thought. However, on reflection was this amazing story all down to luck? Maybe not....Click Here to Read More

5. FREE SEMINARS FOR JOB SEEKERS: February 8th, 15th and 22nd.
I am running a series of FREE 3 hour seminars in conjunction with the IE Network for the month of February. 

Session 1 - February 8th (10:00 to 13:00):

  • Putting Back the Structure in Your Life
  • How to Build a Winning Job Seeking Routine
  • Setting Ambitious and Realistic Goals
  • 4 Ways to Find a Job
  • How to be a Creative Job Seeker

Session 2 – February 15th (10:00 to 13:00):

  • How to Write a CV That Gets You Interviews
  • Cover Letters
  • When to Follow Up on Applications
  • How to Nail an Interview
  • How to Prepare for an Interview
  • Competency Based Interviews

Session 3 – February 22nd (10:00 to 13:00):

  • How to Build a Network?
  • What is your Elevator Pitch?
  • Where to Network
  • Networking - How to Uncover the Hidden Job Market
  • Using Social Media Sites to Find a Job Such as LinkedIn
  • Creative Ways to Get Noticed Using Social Media

You must register at to avail of this offer.

6. Choices 2011:

Many thanks to everyone who attended my packed out seminars on "Using Social Networking to access the hidden jobs market". If you were at the Aviva Stadium and have any questions on social media, please do not hesitate top contact me on


There is a new recruitment website in town called Check it out and see if you notice the website's resident Career Coach.
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Linkedin blog.wmv
I Want a New Job Video Blog - LinkedIn

8. New Year, New CV:

Check out my latest post on who to write a CV that get's you noticed by employers.

9. How to maximise your chance of success at a Job Fair:

I will be speaking at the Monster Career Fair on November 12th in the RDS. The event is free and runs from 10am until 4pm. I hope to see you there. Further information available at

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Career Fair Blog
Getting the most out of Career Fairs

How to maximise your chance of success at a Job Fair:
1. Do your research before the event. Decide which companies you want to talk to and know what your objectives are.
2. Dress to Impress.
3. Bring CVs, Business Cards and a notebook and pen.
4. Go Alone. Friends will distract you.
5. Treat the day as work. Put in the effort.
6. Attend the Free seminars and talks. Gain knowledge from the experts.
7. Gather information and not freebies.
8. Follow up with all the companies and individuals you meet within 3 days of the event.

Dublin social media company Connector is offering innovative Marketing, Event Management, PR and Media students an opportunity to get some hands on experience in event management & social media.

Areas students will have the opportunity to work on include: Blogging, attending events and product launches, using social media as a promotional tool (facebook, twitter, You Tube etc.), Organising and running events, liaising with companies PR and Advertising agencies.
Please contact if you would like to hear more about Connector Campus.

11. Careers Coach Talks Social Media in Clarion:

I really enjoyed talking at the Clarion. Thanks all for the lovely feedback. Some of you have asked for a quick summary of my talk. So here it is..

6 LinkedIn Tips from Greg Fry of Careers Coach

1. Make sure your profile on LinkedIn is 100% complete.
2. Update your status on LinkedIn daily. Let your connections know you are busy and you are still out there!
3. Look at what events your connections are attending. Don’t wait until after the event to hear about it.
4. Join Groups that are relevant to your business. Keep an eye on your competition and write articles of Value. Be seen as an expert in your field. If you can create your own Group.
5. Meet at least 1 of your connections in person every week. Start building long term relationships.
6. Don’t fool yourself to think that you are too busy for Social Media. Schedule in 1 hour per day to enhance your brand, generate more leads and make connections. It could keep you ahead of your competition.

12. BizCamp

Thanks to everyone who attended my talk at Bizcamp. I was blown away by how many people came to hear me speak. Quite a few people have requested some notes on my talk so here they are….
Greg Fry on how Goal setting can lead to greater Business success

“Goal setting in your Business and How to stay motivated in challenging times.”
Eight Steps to creating clear attainable goals:
1. Try to make your goals as clear as possible. Be specific.
2. Make sure your goal is something you really want to achieve, not just something that sounds good.
3. Make sure your goal does not contradict any of your other goals.
4. Always write your goals in the positive instead of the negative.
5. Write your goals in as much detail as possible
6. Have goals in several areas of life
- Family and Home
- Financial and Career
- Ethical
- Physical and Health
- Social and Cultural
- Educational
7. Your goals can be anything so allow yourself to …….THINK BIG!
8. Write Down your goals and read them daily. Write them in the present tense. “I am”

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